Friday, November 12, 2010

HALLOWEEN Happenings

This year Halloween was a little different for us. IT WAS 80 DEGREES WHEN WE WENT TRICK OR TREATING! It was so nice. We usually have the kids run up and down the roads and we stay in the car following them. There were so many kids and cars that was not possible, anyway it was too nice to sit and watch. Skyler went to the Trunk or Treat at our ward on Wednesday night. But he was too cranky and tired for Halloween night, so we all went to the Pizza Inn for dinner and then Dustin and Skyler went back home.
A fun thing that happens in this town is that the firetrucks will randomly stop in the middle of the road and turn on the lights and sirens.. All the kids would run to the truck and the firemen would jump out and pass out candy. The kids loved it!

Our pumpkin won the SCARIEST award at the ward party.

The Carlsbad Wards put on a fun Trunk-Or-Treat with dinner and games for the kids.


We went to a costume party the night before Halloween at our friends Andrea and Tory Smith. It was a blast! We had good food, good conversation, and fun games.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sitting Bull Falls, NM

 Sittitng Bull Falls has been our favorite place in New Mexico. We are surrounded by desert and then all of the sudden there is this oasis of beauty.

My mom came to visit us this week. She jumped off the side of this cliff with the kids. The water was freezing!


Our  kids are not afraid of anything. At times it was a little scary, we kept thinking they would push each other off the cliff or into the water.

 This is definitely the place we will miss the most when we leave New Mexico.